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Wireless Dog Fence

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Till this year if you needed an wireless dog fence, the sole game in city was the PetSafe IF-300. Using ancient radio radiation technology, the PetSafe IF-300 produces a containment radius of equal to ninety feet giving it a coverage of 0.6 acres. The IF-300 works well and gets smart reviews from customers, however the vary limits its utility. When all common use for wireless systems, with their circular containment space is rural properties where a ninety foot vary is simplify too small.

The WiFi fence conjointly has 2-method communicating ‘tween the collar and the bottom station, telling the possessor instantly how far the pet has wandered. I conjointly offers you instant alerts if the dog disputes the boundary, if the battery is running short, or if the link between the base station and collar is lost. This alarm is extremely helpful and we tend to hope it finds wider adoption, since significantly in the first days of the coaching you’re constantly worrying regarding if the dog has escaped.

The WiFi dog fence claims a containment radius vary of two hundred feet giving it a containment space of over 2.5 acres, a significant improvement over the IF-300. Though, we have a tendency to would love to determine one thing even larger, using maybe WiMax that incorporates a reported vary over a mile. WiFi still offers a massive enough coverage space for your dogs to urge some real space.

Perimeter Technologies is introducing in January 2008 a WiFi Fence, a wireless containment system primarily supported the WiFi technology that’s utilized in the wireless net routers that are in most folks’s homes. This has 2 vital blessings, vary and the power for 2 method communication. It conjointly has one vital disfavor, power usage.

The draw back is that WiFi is notoriously power hungry, therefore we have a tendency to are involved that this can lead to poor battery life. The collar for the WiFi dog fence isn’t rechargeable, and is possible proprietary therefore we tend to hope that Perimeter has this drawback solved as a result of the feature set ought to build this the new leader in wireless.